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Development partner for the Hands in Motion (HIM)

HIM is a proven therapy assisting device for highly paretic patients for repetitive training of wrist and forearm, i.e. flexion-extension, pro-supination. In line with the proven distal bilateral approach, the equipment comprises machines for highest possible stimulation intensity for hand and arm training for severely affected patients after stroke. Thanks to the ability to perform [...]

GEO Systems partnership

Development partner for the new GEO Systems called GEO2: the most innovative and modern end-effector device for the gait rehabilitation.

Nexstep partner

Development partner for the Nexstep: it is an end effector device instead of the Gangtrainer GT1 from Hesse.

Project Call AAL gAALaxy

Partner from Italy with EURACH RESEARCH for the „Call AAL 2015 projekt „gAALaxy”.

Start of a research study

Treatment of patients with visual impairment due to homonymous deficit of visual field in adulthood

Development collaboration of the Armotion with Reha Technology srl Bolzano

Armotion combines a variety of complex features and feedback options in order to maximize the therapy effect for patients with severe and moderate neuromuscular dysfunctions of the upper extremity. Passive therapy options allow early-stage patients to safely experience and learn shoulder and elbow motions. More advanced users benefit from an active assistive technology that enhances [...]

Development of the First Mover in collaboration with Reha Technology srl Bolzano

The First Mover is an end-effector device that aims to start post-stroke motor function recovery at the earliest possible stage of the rehabilitation process; directly on the patient’s bed. It offers a revolutionary approach to early gait rehabilitation for stroke survivors and patients with traumatic brain injuries. There is no patient-transfer needed to start the [...]

Intelligent watch

Intelligent watch Nowadays, more and more elderly wish to live independently as long as possible, without giving up their freedom of mobility and feeling of safety. These developments form the main reason for the Personal Protection and Caring System (2PCS) project, which aims to develop a solution that addresses this wish. The aim of the [...]

The ReWalk the first motorized exoskeleton for paraplegic patients

I pazienti paraplegici, a causa di una lesione completa del midollo spinale, perdono le afferenze per il controllo motorio e sensitivo della parte inferiore del corpo: i comandi provenienti dalle zone di controllo motorio del cervello non giungono a destinazione e, quindi, i muscoli, pur ancora innervati, non possono essere contratti se le radici motorie [...]

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